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[Download] Adekan Drama CD.

Now i'm listening to Adekan drama CD. 
You can support the mangaka and seiyuu by buy it at rakuten.

Seiyuu casts:

  • Yoshiwara Shiro : Fukuyama Jun (Okumura Yukio, Nura Rikuo, Kinose Azusa's voice actor)
  • Yamada Kojiro: Maeno Tomoaki (Shunpei Yamana, Kou Yukina's voice actor)
  • Yoshiwara Anri: Sakurai Takahiro (Kururugi Suzaku, Takahashi Misaki, Claude Faustus' voice actor)

I really love with the manga, very recommended! Interesting story with a beautiful art and full of BL fanservice LOLOL, you can read by download it via nakama scans.

Btw I already uploaded this drama CD on mediafire
if you're an Adekan fangirl, you can add + message me and i'll give you the password. :D)

Let's fangirling together~! <3

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Hello!! I really like adekan too!! Dont u also get upset why people aren't selling adekan books in english!?! So in the end i just bought a japanese one.(its better than a german one)And I can't believe that there is a DRAMA CD of this!!! And so I was wondering if u could tell me the password so that I can download it. Thank you for putting up this site!!!

Edited at 2012-07-20 03:19 am (UTC)

check your inbox ;)

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