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[Download] Adekan Drama CD.

Now i'm listening to Adekan drama CD. 
You can support the mangaka and seiyuu by buy it at rakuten.

Seiyuu casts:

  • Yoshiwara Shiro : Fukuyama Jun (Okumura Yukio, Nura Rikuo, Kinose Azusa's voice actor)
  • Yamada Kojiro: Maeno Tomoaki (Shunpei Yamana, Kou Yukina's voice actor)
  • Yoshiwara Anri: Sakurai Takahiro (Kururugi Suzaku, Takahashi Misaki, Claude Faustus' voice actor)

I really love with the manga, very recommended! Interesting story with a beautiful art and full of BL fanservice LOLOL, you can read by download it via nakama scans.

Btw I already uploaded this drama CD on mediafire
if you're an Adekan fangirl, you can add + message me and i'll give you the password. :D)

Let's fangirling together~! <3

I love Adekan so much and I found the drama cd^-^ So I would ask you, can I have the password for downloading it? Sorry for my bad english.

I'm a big fan of Adekan too >.< So please, can I have the password? ;_;

Waaa~~ I love so much adekan, >3<can you give me the password, please?

i just got into this series last night thanks to one of my favorite cosplayers. may i please have the password for the download? ;O;

thank you very much for sharing this you are my idol lol may i have the password to the link ,,>_<,, i might get a non stop nosebleed after this

Hi there! OHMAI sorry for my account, I cannot seem to remember my LJ password so I just went with logging in from Google //is so lame

Someone picked up the series' scanlation and I was thrilled so much I immediately looked for the RAW---I will buy them once I have credit card I swear QAQ I am into this manga so much like you wouldn't believe it. Sure, things are cliche and the dynamics between the characters are overused so many times, butdear me, it was done so right. And the amount of details Tsukiji-sensei put into his/her works are just mindblowingly amazing...

If you so kindly allow me to, may I have the password to MF link? ; w ;

=O I didn't know this existed until today! If you don't mind, could I get the password?
Thank you so much!!

May I have the password?

Hello!! I found your post and would like to hear the voice of my beloved Shiro!! may I have the password?

OMG, I'm so in love with Adekan and I didn't know this was made into drama CD >_<
Can I ask for password to download, please :)

Hello! I just knew about the dramacd yesterday and I'm glad I found this ; 3; Can I also have the password? Thanks a lot in advance! *gives you a cookie*

Thank you for sharing this. I love Adekan asdkjfsdòfàgàààg Can i have the password please? (๑•́ ₃ •̀) Thanks in advance … karen

The moment I saw this, I wanted to cry! I LOVE Adekan! And I even love it more knowing who voiced them in the drama cd!

It's a good day to live!
The password, pleeease :D

hello there, i really love the series! :D
can you send me the password?

thank you very much! ^_^

Konnichiwaaaa~~ Uhm uhm, can I have the password? Kyaa~~ thank you very much for this (sorry, I'm just hyperventilating from excitement xD)

hey i found this when searching too. can i get the password?? thank you so much ily :D

Hello, may I have the password please? Thank you so much!! <3

can u plz give me the pw? X3
I <3 Adekan, specially Shiro and Kojiro

Omg. I just found this while looking for raws for Adekan, and I would love you so much if you could share the password to me >.

Cumikatchu-san~ please give me a password!!

omg can i have the password please? ovo

(Deleted comment)

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