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[Download] Adekan Drama CD.

Now i'm listening to Adekan drama CD. 
You can support the mangaka and seiyuu by buy it at rakuten.

Seiyuu casts:

  • Yoshiwara Shiro : Fukuyama Jun (Okumura Yukio, Nura Rikuo, Kinose Azusa's voice actor)
  • Yamada Kojiro: Maeno Tomoaki (Shunpei Yamana, Kou Yukina's voice actor)
  • Yoshiwara Anri: Sakurai Takahiro (Kururugi Suzaku, Takahashi Misaki, Claude Faustus' voice actor)

I really love with the manga, very recommended! Interesting story with a beautiful art and full of BL fanservice LOLOL, you can read by download it via nakama scans.

Btw I already uploaded this drama CD on mediafire
if you're an Adekan fangirl, you can add + message me and i'll give you the password. :D)

Let's fangirling together~! <3

I'm so exited when i saw this ><
Would you mind sharing the password with me? Pleazzzzzzz
Thank you sooooo much >

Please give me the password >.< I adore Adekan.. my email is

check your lj's inbox! :D

Hello! I've been looking for this for sooo long, I'm so happy ;_; Could you send me the password, please? And thank you for sharing ;)

Whoops, late to the party;; Hello! I've been looking for more things relating to this lovely series and this drama CD is like an answer to all my prayers. Do you think you could share the password with me as well? ;u;

Hi !
Salut !

I'm french.
I don't speak english.
I'm very happy to meat other adekan fan.
I would be happy to have the password.

Thank you.

I just bought the 5th volume of Adekan yesterday at animate and I found out that there was a drama CD out with my favorite voice actor JUN-JUN!!Now there's no way that I'm not going to listen to the CD!
Thank you so much for uploading this!
It'll be awesome if I can have the password☆

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Hello! I would LOVE to hear our lovely characters talking <3, that magnificiant romance! All Pika pika! Oh god, i think i cracked up~
So please, can you send me the password? Thank you for sharing!

Thank you!!!! >////< glad to be able to fangirl with you ha ha ha

OMG I LOVE ADEKAN! If its alright i would like to ask for the password. Need my adekan fix! Dying to know how Shiro would sound like now!

please share the password with me...:)

Wow, I can't believe we have a drama cd for this wonderful manga. SOOOOOOOBS.

Is it alright to ask for the password? *A* PLEASE.

Oh, I've added you. \o/ Fellow Adekan-fangirls, behold!

aah so late~

is it still okay to ask for the password? ^^'''

I've been searching for this!!
Sorry to bother, but can you give me the password, please?:)

Edited at 2013-01-19 01:00 pm (UTC)

may I have the password, I love Adekan *~*

hay >w< i'm a big fangirl too!!!
and i want this drama cd so much, may i get the password from you?

Can I have the password, please please please! I love this series!!

Local girls doing bad things Go Here

kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....omgoodness...i so want to hear thi!is it okay for me to kindly have the password?i adore this manga so much.feb. 28th 2013 is the second one coming out so i would love to hear the first one:D

Jun and Takahiro together in Adekan?!!....this is awesome.
Can you tell me the password? onegai :)

wooooooh~ I also love this manga! The BL fanservice is sooooooooo, nghn~ <3<3<3 gyaaaa~ I've just read vol. 3 and I wabt to read moooooooooooorrrrrrreeeeeee... a fight between Shiro and Anri over Kojiro would be greaaaaaaaaaaat~ :))

but it seems like the group that scanlating it already dropped the project?? Do you know where can I read the rest??? English scans would be great but if there's raw, that would do as well. i wanna dowload the drama cd as well... the cast~ OMG, the cast is soooooooo awesomeeeeeeeee! anw, let's fangirl togetherr~ :)))

Not the op but did you have any luck with finding scans? I've been buying the manga & now Wings monthly but my Japanese is only so/so. I'm kinda following along but would LOVE to be able to read everything.

OMG~! ASDFKLKJHGFDSA MY FEELS~ Can you please send the PW? Please? I'm dying to hear this~!

Sorry, but could you give me the password??

Thank you ^^


Hi there~! Hope I'm not too late but I'm a huge Adekan fangirl too. Can I please have the password? Thank you

Also I just bought an official doujinshi/extra booklet that was a limited edition freebie with manga #3. It'supposed to have 55 pages of sketches and stuff. When it comes in I'll be scanning it & posting it to Lj if you want to add me as a friend.

Really need it, LOVE ADEKAN!
I die if I don't have it QQ

Please, please, please!
I love this manga very very!!!


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