Hello there~ this is sola :D

I'm a fujoshi from Indonesia hahaha.
I love manga, yaoi, anime, seiyuu, nico singer, game, etc etc.

My current fandom are nico singer / utattemita, seiyuu, ZE, MAGI - Labyrinth of Magic, Inu x Boku SS, Adekan, Katekyo!! (Home Tutor), Uta no Prince-sama, Matsushita Yuya and Sakurai Sho.

I'm going to use this lj as an spazzing and fangirling account, and sharing all about my current fandom and the things i like ^^

Maybe i'll post a lil bit about my cosplay life, but just a preview, i post all my cosplay related (esp my photoshoot) to my cosplay blog and my deviantART.

Cumikatchu is an alias for my fangirl side (?), and solatomato is my alias in the cosplay world.
Sooooo~ if you already know me as a cosplayer, you'll find me as a hyper fangirl here! LOLOL

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~

[Cosplay Preview] No.6.

Cosplayer       : cumikatchu(me) as Shion from No.6
Photographer : Alf Alive
Location         : Jakarta, Indonesia

Just a preview, please visit my cosplay blog's entry to see the rest of photos ^^
Hope you like it~

[Drama CD] Magnolia.

Naked Ape always be the one of my favorite mangaka, and now i'm currently addicted to 'Magnolia'. Still high with DOLLS manga actually, but the mangascan isn't update lately, so yeah...

OK! The seiyuu casts are:
  • Ayato Godwin    : Sawashiro Miyuki (Celty Sturluson, Kurapika 2011, Nanami Haruka's seiyuu)
  • Yugo Wolf         : Hosoya Yoshimasa (Shibata Katsumi, Nezumi's seiyuu)
  •  Nagi Olivier       : Sakurai Takahiro (Shibuya Yuri, Luka Crosszeria, Kanda Yuu's seiyuu)
  • Sui Godwin        : Kaji Yuki (Ouma Shu, Walker Yumasaki, Shion's seiyuu)
  • Lily Aimee         : Satou Satomi (Ritsu Tainaka, Wendy Marvell's seiyuu)
I was like alskjdalkjdlkajdlkaj Hosoya Yoshimasa and Kaji Yuki, no.6 combo?? Nezumi and shionnnn ^q^

I kept imagining Ayato in man's voice until hear this preview.... why don't they use a male seiyuu for Ayato so the story could turned into BL?? QAQ /smacked

AAAAH WISH CAN LISTEN THIS DRAMA CD SOON LSKJDLADJLAJD i'm craving to hear Yugo x Ayato's romantic scenes, they're my fav pairing in this manga.

[Download] Adekan Drama CD.

Now i'm listening to Adekan drama CD. 
You can support the mangaka and seiyuu by buy it at rakuten.

Seiyuu casts:

  • Yoshiwara Shiro : Fukuyama Jun (Okumura Yukio, Nura Rikuo, Kinose Azusa's voice actor)
  • Yamada Kojiro: Maeno Tomoaki (Shunpei Yamana, Kou Yukina's voice actor)
  • Yoshiwara Anri: Sakurai Takahiro (Kururugi Suzaku, Takahashi Misaki, Claude Faustus' voice actor)

I really love with the manga, very recommended! Interesting story with a beautiful art and full of BL fanservice LOLOL, you can read by download it via nakama scans.

Btw I already uploaded this drama CD on mediafire
if you're an Adekan fangirl, you can add + message me and i'll give you the password. :D)

Let's fangirling together~! <3


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